by Nagomi ichiban


Welcome to HandicraftJapan.com by Nagomi Ichiban. 
Introducing traditional Japanese handicrafts that were handed over 
many centuries by professional Japanese artisans.  Our products are all handmade and each item contains special tasks,with the real artisan's spirits.

Kaba cherry bark tea container
Japanese secret puzzle box
Magewappa bento box
ikkanbari bento box
Kiso lacquer bento box
Kiso Shikki Lacquerware
chrimen clamshll doll
​​Traditional Artisans in Japan

Japan's cultural heritage spans a vast amount of historical elements, traditional arts and crafts an important aspect of it. Nonetheless, keeping these traditions alive require persevering artists -- many in which choose to remain anonymous. 


To these artists, Japanese craftsmanship is more than just a product -- it is a way of life. These artisans will always continue to enhance their skills through their devotion to continuing on the tradition.


Beauty of tradition

In Japan, the final product is never truly the most important part of the tradition. In fact, it is the whole process that creates the product that is the beauty of the Japanese traditional craftsmanship. From each step, these artisans spend days making sure each part of the product is perfect by putting their heart and soul into the work.